Guided Tours

Guided tours are organized for groups of 5-15.

Guided tours organized in week days between 10.00 – 17.00 except for official public holidays and the new year’s day include thematic, long and short tours.

Thematic Tours
* Alternatively, you can choose just one of the costume-accessory exhibition areas to visit or research.

Short Tour
A 2 hours tour that highlights the historical cornerstones with a chance to work actively in a recording session in one of the in-house studios (Radio, TV, Virtual Studio)

Long Tour
A half day (About 4 hours) extensive tour that include active recording sessions in all in-house studios and more time for our on demand audio video content  available for viewing on wall monitors.

Working studio sessions and participation to shows are organized for groups with reservation only.

Please inquire for large group visits.

T: 0.312.463 28 38
F: 0.312.463 28 48